DIY Deodorant Stick 🐰 CF & Vegan 🌱

  • Published: 20 February 2019
  • I will show you how I make my own deodorant sticks. Enjoy!
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    My favorite DIY deodorant sticks:

    Tea tree & Rosemary:
    1 TBS carnauba wax, 1 TBS coconut oil, 1 TBS cocoa butter
    2 TBS arrowroot powder, 1 TSP baking soda
    15 drops tea tree oil, 20 drops rosemary oil. 5 drops mint oil

    Lemon & Rosemary:
    1 TBS carnauba wax, 1 TBS coconut oil, 1 TBS cocoa butter
    2 TBS arrowroot powder minus 1 TSP, 1 TSP baking soda, 1 TSP zink oxide
    20 drops lemon oil, 15 drops rosemary oil. 5 drops tea tree oil, 5 drops mint oil

    You may increase or reduce the volume of essential oils - add more for more scent, add less for a rather subtle scent.

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Comments • 9

  • Sim M
    Sim M  6 months back

    Hi just made the deodorants the sticks just not go up it is turning but not going up. Please why are they not going up I bought them from where you said.

    • MondbergTV
      MondbergTV   6 months back

      Happened to me too when the mixture was too hot and it melted the center, and on a few other occasions for basicaly no reason. I guess the quality sucks, but I haven't found any better alternative so far. What you could do is to pour the deodorant into a soap form and use it without packaging. Thatw ay you'll save yourself the money for the cases.

    • Sim M
      Sim M  6 months back

      Please reply ASAP

  • Fátima  García
    Fátima García  9 months back

    Where do you find the carnauba wax? :( I can't find it...

    • MondbergTV
      MondbergTV   9 months back

      I bought mine on Amazon here You'll have to Google it and see what's available in your area and online. Sometimes organic markets carry that too.

  • Live, Love & Learn Naturally

    Oh and cocoa butter lol. I made nappy cream with zinc oxide for my granddaughter so I can use that xx

    • Ash's Treasure Homesteading and Gardening

      Hello, those are really cool. I have tried using the home made ones but it is something with the arrowroot and baking soda together that breaks me out under my arms. I am still looking though. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful day.

      • Ash's Treasure Homesteading and Gardening
        Ash's Treasure Homesteading and Gardening  12 months back

        @MondbergTV Okay that is cool. I did not know that I could change out the starches on the recipe. Thank you for sharing I learned something new. This is so cool. You are welcome ❤😀

      • MondbergTV
        MondbergTV   12 months back

        Oh, maybe you could try the zinc oxide and either tapioca starch or corn starch. And also in that case maybe try what oils irritate your skin. Maybe this helps. Thanks for watching!