Tiger Woods, USA WILL DOMINATE 2019 Presidents Cup; Preview and Gambling Picks | CBS Sports HQ


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  • Jim Stark
    Jim Stark  1 months back

    These guys making these ridiculous, over-the-top predictions about total domination frequently don't do so because they believe it; they often do it as a set up - if he works hard and actually wins, it becomes a ho-hum, that's what we all were expecting anyway event. But, if the underdog pulls the upset, it becomes a blockbuster story of how Tiger failed at what was advertised as a cakewalk. Its a slick media ploy. You see it used with every match Serena Williams has played the past 20 yrs. It has a duel effect - it maximizes the pressure on the favorite and it completely frees the underdog to relax with no expectations. All the favorable talk ain't gold. Its a setup.

    • Sherma Gustave
      Sherma Gustave  1 months back

      He won but good effort young team

      • king shark
        king shark  1 months back

        Every real golfer know,... bet against tiger and these team events, it's just not really his cup of tee. Plus alot of the American golfers on that list aren't good team event players.

        The international team has young unassuming talented golfers that will take this seriously.

        • king shark
          king shark  1 months back

          @Marie Taylor ... looking at ernie els team it's very strategic. He has more asains, and anglo saxons that are either from Australia or south Africa, he's picked guys that can withstand the atmosphere. Plus sell tickets in the region, lol.

        • king shark
          king shark  1 months back

          @Marie Taylor ... we will see, but i see alot of guys who hasn't showed up in these sort of events on the roster vs ernie has some fresh unassuming talented names that might shock the USA.

          That's the trap of it, the international team isnt European Ryder cup talent loaded, but its international talent that is either going to get ran or surprise.

        • Marie Taylor
          Marie Taylor  1 months back

          Tiger hates to lose especially if he is captaining the team!