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  • synotosis
    synotosis  2 years back

    What is the purpose of arrowroot? Can it be replaced by another ingredient? Doesn't this deodorant stain your shirts? (Since it is oil based)

    • Forget me not
      Forget me not  2 years back

      Hi Tara, I followed your recipe and it has worked really well! Thank you! I want to share my experience because there are a few things to consider (my apologies in advance because of my english!)

      I live in a very warm city/country and I made the recipe just some weeks ago, during the beggining of summer: the deodorant was liquid at room temperature, so I put it in the fridge minutes before to apply it. Sometimes I left the deodorant during hours in the fridge but if you do this, you have to wait to at least take a little of the product to apply easily, because you have to feel it like a body cream. The problem is that the baking soda lays on the bottom of the jar (or whatever you use to storage) due to the density of the ingredients and you have to mix it with the oils and cornstarch/arrowroot powder before applying it every time. If you don't do this, at the end of your deodorant you will be applying only baking soda and very few oils and because this is a very dry ingredient, you will have your armpits full of b. soda, not stickig in yiour skin and falling on your clothes and bed, making a mess (I had my sheets covered by grains of baking soda and it was very annoying!!). So take this into consideration, mix the deodorant first and then put in the frige and cool it only before to apply, a few minutes before (I would say 15 is enough).

      Edit: and don't apply it after removed your armpit's hair!!

      • golanisheli
        golanisheli  2 years back

        Doesnt the oil stain your clothes?

        • C S
          C S  2 years back

          golanisheli let it absorb in your skin about 5mins then throw on clothes hope this helps!

      • Paula Li
        Paula Li  2 years back

        Can I substitute arrowroot powder for white kaolin clay?

        • JoJoButter
          JoJoButter  2 years back

          Yes!!!! Natural deodorant is amazing I just posted a video on how to make a diy deodorant and how it saved my pits, my underarms are so fresh and healthy now🌿♻️🙌🏽 - 6 months using only diy natural deodorant I love it. Also started replacing baking soda with food grade diatomaceous earth for no irritation works magic

          • Kiki Lula
            Kiki Lula  2 years back

            For warmer climates you could ad bees wax and/or cocoa butter. I use sage oil  (Salvia officinalis). I apply it with my fingertips, about 1 pea per armpit.

          • Debra Connery Smith
            Debra Connery Smith  2 years back

            Would be nice if you said how to apply it. We all know how to use the stick or spray and perhaps can come up with something; it would be nice to hear how you do it.

            • Debra Connery Smith
              Debra Connery Smith  2 years back

              Thanks so much, Tara!

            • TaraWhiteTalks
              TaraWhiteTalks   2 years back

              Good point! In the temperature of my home, this has a paste-like consistency. I apply it with my finger right after a shower. You could also use a small wooden spatula to remove some if you prefer =)

            • Butterfly Queen
              Butterfly Queen  2 years back

              Debra Connery Smith ikr