Homemade Natural Deodorant Recipe: DIY Deodorant Stick & Deodorant Cream using coconut oil

  • Published: 30 June 2013
  • Homemade Deodorant Recipe: DIY Deodorant Stick & Deodorant Cream using coconut oil

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    Deodorante cremino e deo-stick fai da te!
    Here you are a step by step tutorial of how to diy your own natural aluminum& chemicals free deodorant with only 3/4 ingredients!

    The best part is that these homemade natural deodorants (deo stick and deo cream) are budget-friendly, effective and chemicals free.

    The stick version is suitable for hot summer days ( as it will not melt down at room temperature) and for those of you who do not wish to use your fingertips to apply it.

    Really comfortable as it melts down when in contact with our skin, and really at hand to have it around with you in your vacations or simply in your daily routine.

    Remember that baking soda can be quite abrasive that's why I decided to grind it together with the cornstarch. Some of you may result particularly sensitive to baking soda and get red armpits therefore feel free to reduce the amount used. It will still work fine. Otherwise you may replace the baking soda with alum potassium powder, but this is an antiperspirant. Healthy, but yet an antiperspirant which won't allow you to sweat and your body to release the toxins.

    You may utilize for this stick deo version sterilized used stick containers or buy new ones from any retail seller. Also, whenever making your own homemade cosmetics make sure to always sterilize the containers and pots and spoon with pure alcohol.
    The cream deodorant version is my favorite ever cause you do not only get to enjoy the delicious perfume of the essential oils but also the incredible yummy fragrance of the coconut oil.

    The quantities I used in this recipe are the right quantities to produce a 30mL cream deodorant. I have used an old 30 mL cream sterilized container. The only "inconvenient" is that during hot summer days the cream texture may become kinda liquid. You may store it anyway in your refrigerator and get this "problem" solved. Use your fingertips to apply it and delight your armpits with this incredible effective and good smelling natural deodorant.

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    You've got nothing to lose, give this a try and let me know if it works for you too

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Comments • 28

  • BeautyFoodTips
    BeautyFoodTips   3 years back

    Check my blog also: www.beautiliciousdelights.com

    • Alexandria
      Alexandria  1 years back

      Where can I find one of those deodorant stick containers at?

      • chey
        chey  3 years back

        are you polish

        • linwin07
          linwin07  3 years back

          just fyi for those who don't know Karitè in English is Shea butter...
          Thank you for this recipe, I will definitely try it out!!

          • Catarina Tang
            Catarina Tang  4 years back

            what to do if i react to bicarb soda?

            • BeautyFoodTips
              BeautyFoodTips   4 years back

              well, +Catarina Tang theres's not much to do... :/ I don't know another ingredients with similar properties ..

          • Zeba  Khan
            Zeba Khan  4 years back

            thank you so much you are great n your work is amazing your videos are of good quality n you inspire me more towards primitive organic care without harming myself with chemicals n harmfull things which producer put in all products thank you so much again

          • Zeba  Khan
            Zeba Khan  4 years back

            hey rozalaia i have seen many of your vidios n inspire from it but i need your help for other reason plz it will take only 10 seconds i wanna knw the name of your walking machine which you were using in this video

          • Olivia Michelle
            Olivia Michelle  5 years back

            I made the cream deodorant and I really like it! The texture is great and it works well. The only issue I have is that I can't disguise the baking soda scent, even with essential oil of jasmine and lavender and quite a lot of it, so I'm thinking I might replace the Shea butter with Cocoa butter because the stick deodorants aren't as hygienic.

            • BeautyFoodTips
              BeautyFoodTips   5 years back

              Hi @Olivia Michelle actually the italian baking soda scent is scentless..pay attention not to use too much of essential oils as they may irritate your skin :)) take care, Rozalia :*

          • Susy Nuzzo
            Susy Nuzzo  6 years back

            Ciao scusami. Io ho il burro di cacao in polvere. Devo fRlo sciogliere col burro di karitè e quello di cocco? È la frumina posso sostituirla con amido di mais o riso? Grazie :)

            • BeautyFoodTips
              BeautyFoodTips   6 years back

              Ciao Susy, non ho mai usato il burro di cacao in polvere, ma il procedimento rimane lo stesso. Puoi sostituire tranquillamente la frumina con amido di mais o riso :))

          • phoebebutterfly93
            phoebebutterfly93  6 years back

            Grazie mille :*

            • phoebebutterfly93
              phoebebutterfly93  6 years back

              Ciao Rozalia, è normale che il ph sia venuto 6.5? Secondo te devo aggiungere un conservante?

              • BeautyFoodTips
                BeautyFoodTips   6 years back

                Ciao Phoebe, non c'è acqua nella formula quindi non c'è bisogno di misurare il ph..e di conseguenza neanche conservante :) 

            • Cristiana Boi
              Cristiana Boi  6 years back

              Ciao cara, al posto dell'oe di salvia, secondo te, si potrebbe usare un altro oe dal profumo più dolce? Ad esempio arancio dolce, o vaniglia? Grazie!

              • SummerSunny
                SummerSunny  6 years back

                Ciao Rozalia, video stupendo come al solito! Volevo sostituire il bicarbonato con l'allume, e la frumina o con amido di riso o con ossido di zinco...tu che mi consigli??? grazie mille!:)

                • PòAOLA Russi
                  PòAOLA Russi  6 years back

                  ok...cara ci provo poi ti sapro' dire...speriamo bene

                  • PòAOLA Russi
                    PòAOLA Russi  6 years back

                    buonasera cara volevo tentare di fare questo stck...ma mi sono accorta ke nn ho il burro di cacao...ho solo il burro di karitè...posso fare ugualmente?grazie mille

                    • valeria benato
                      valeria benato  6 years back

                      ciao Rozalia...visto qs video ...complimenti ....ma la frumina dove si trova...??' grazie...ciao buona giornata...

                      • PòAOLA Russi
                        PòAOLA Russi  6 years back

                        scusa cara nn ho la frumina è essenziale...o se posso sostituire con ke cosa? grazieeeeeeee

                        • gio marte
                          gio marte  7 years back

                          BEI video complimenti....

                          • Nida Khan
                            Nida Khan  7 years back

                            Okay :) thanks. I did not know there is a cream version of deodrant too. That is very neat thanks for sharing

                            • Nida Khan
                              Nida Khan  7 years back

                              What did you make in the cream container?