Nothing Personal with David Samson | 12.09.19


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  • David Swift
    David Swift  1 months back

    ... u can bet ur bippy... 🤣
    Baker Mayfield really should zip his pie hole !
    Make him run until he vomits 🤣🤣
    His streak is alive ! Giants +9.5 👍
    Dave never mentions he’s Jeff Loria’s son in law , but his violin couldn’t make the difference in Montreal 😢

    • Thomas RockBottom45
      Thomas RockBottom45  1 months back

      I like this guy. I think he would sell his kids, his wife and even his mommy for a good deal

      • Keion Chase
        Keion Chase  7 days back

        Since he's YOUR dad....
        You're obviously TALKING from personal experiences....
        So sad....

      • David Swift
        David Swift  1 months back

        Despite his bitchy delivery, he’s good 😅

      • Definitely not Jeffrey Epstein
        Definitely not Jeffrey Epstein  1 months back

        That's kind of how I feel. Samson is a douchebag. But he's not bullshitting us